Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Saga's 20 days of WoW challenge: Day 5

Continuing Saga's challenge:

Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game

I'm going to break this down into categories since otherwise it's another inhumanly impossible choice Saga! I'm not going to go through every item type in the game because a) I don't necessarily have a strong preference in some areas and b) I don't want anyone's face to melt from bordeom. Additionally these are favourites from the things I have, not a wishlist to remind myself of all the beautiful things I can never have (I'm looking at you, pretty)

Favourite pet - Sinister Squashling
I started playing WoW just as Hallow's End came around and this dropped for me from a daily treat bag (when it was actually rare...) I had accumulated a few companion pets by then and never really kept them out, however it was love at first sight and I'm rarely out and about without my squashling now!

Favourite ground mount - Cobalt War Talbuk
An easy rep to grind but what reward! In fact I bought each variety of riding and war Talbuk but I usually end on my on this one. It's stately and majestic and undead look great on them!

Favourite flying mount - Vitreous Stone Drake
A very, VERY lucky drop from my first ever run through the Stonecore (normal mode). At the time it was rare to see anyone on this and I got a lot of whispers asking about it. With the new patch I actually get to ride it instead of being dragged about in it's claws too!
Protip: Activate your Chakra state and ride around on your drake; it looks like it's peeing all over Orgrimmar, lololololo-I need to get out more-lolololol!

Favourite weapon - Very Manly Staff
I don't actually have a favourite weapon but this deserves an honourable mention.

Favourite tabard - Tabard of Summer Flames
I don't know why, I used to wear it all the time and only changed in Cata for rep-boosting ones. I'm definitely a child of summer, in fact I think I might be solar powered judging by how pastey and lethargic I get just before summer; batteries running low you see.

Favourite spells - Prayer of Mending & Archangel
PoM: Specifically when it uses all it's charges one after the other jumping around the raid during AoE damage. Sparkly and nice sound effects.
Archangel: Wings. That is all.

I'm not very fickle, so generally something that's my favourite will stay my favourite for a long time, so tems like the pet I keep out and the mounts I always ride become synonymous with my toon.