Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I ain't dead

I mean, I'm not more dead than an undead's dead. Try and say that quickly out loud without sounding like you're quacking, it's not possible.

It's good to see a bunch of you guys are still going strong and I've been enjoying catching up with your escapades over the past couple of days. I must offer my heartiest gzs to Saga who completed her Project Ten personal achievement recently, something I'm working on myself (slowly. Very slowly. Painfully slowly). Gz!

Fact of the matter is being self-employed means that, despite my efforts to keep to 'normal office hours', I end up working long days, and at weird times. Things took off quicker than expected, which is obviously awesome and great but did impact personal projects like CtL and, you know, the playing of games.

As those of you who read a while back will know, I'm pretty big on end-game and raiding, and I would still say that most of my best WoW experiences have been during raids. However, a combination of my erratic schedule and the guild blasting through DS and then getting bored and going off to Skyrim or SW:ToR means that I've never even set foot in that place. However, despite my fling with Skyrim, I've surprised myself by how much enjoyment I can get out of levelling and doing HCs at my own pace, especially now it's not restricted to the ZA/ZG grind, which has led to my own Project Ten going from two to four level 85s.

Reala, Holy Priest, main, loves her Sinisster Squashling
Jackall, Affliction Warlock, hopeless DPS but fun to play
Hollow, Blood Death Knight, undead female melee animations ftw
Zincs, Holy Paladin, goes from 0 to Cooking Mama in one tabard

So there you have it, I still play at least a little most days, there are the new 85s to prove it, and hopefully I'll be posting again soon.