Monday, 7 February 2011

Azeroth's Blogs: Sad goodbyes and blogger insights.

Every now and then I'm going to put up a post linking to other blogs I've most recently commented on or particularly enjoyed. It's fresh in my mind now as I've just read the sad news that Tam and Chas of Righteous Orbs are going to be making room on the internet for new bloggers, only recently Owen of WoW Philosophized too. Sad times. So without further ado:

Righteous Orbs discuss... something. There's a hilarious bit about Tam's broken foot, read it!

This was a little while ago, but Kleps of Troll Racials Are Overpowered did a couple of TL;DR posts about his evolution as a blogger, fascinatin' read if you haven't yet seen it.

Saga moved into a bit of the internet with a lot of purple and posted her very own 20 Days of WoW challenge on Spellbound in a similar vein to the one she's been doing for a few weeks. She's come up with some interesting and fun questions and I intend to give them a go amongst other posts!

Krisps of Death To Questing had some interesting things to say on the subjects of whether or not levelling is still necessary (no prizes for guessing his opinion!) and the ever-confusing term 'casual raider'.

Sandra at Elder Game talks about the need for more women developers and, I agree, but point out the problems of the tendency for female only clans and 'games for girls' to rear their ugly heads.

Gronthe of Deuwowlity gives us some insight into his fear of failure and how Cataclysm healing has unfortunately fuelled this for him. His disposition is eerily similar to my own and yet we have reacted in completely different ways to the dramatically increased difficulty of healing; he logging out of his priest for the forseeable and me feeling empowered and determined to succeed.