Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Saga's 20 days of WoW challenge: Day 3

Continuing Saga's challenge I present:

Day 03 - Your first day playing WoW

I have always been a fan of stealth games like Thief, Splinter Cell and any other scenario where I could sneak around stealing stuff with a bit of premeditated murder into the bargain. The closest thing to an MMORPG I'd played was Oblivion of the Elder Scrolls franchise; where I was both a member of the thieves and assassin's guild (Kleps of Troll Racials Are Overpowered kept mentioning Oblivion in some recent posts, causing me to get all over-excited and reminiscent in the comments).

So I was naturally attracted to the rogue class, and as Blood Elf females were the smallest race at the time, and had an appropriately low crouch animation, I rolled one of those (and very quickly became entirely sick of the Barbie-doll preening). I have a friend who helped me understand the basics, gave me a few bags and some gold but (rightly) wanted me to mostly find my own way. In fact, shortly after, once I'd realised priest was the class for me, he became my mentor throughout WotLK and is still the best priest I know and my go-to guy for advice!

I'd played enough video games to pick up the idea of questing naturally, but I spent so much time that first day wandering about, zooming in and out of scenery for a better look, being elated at waving at someone and have them wave back. By the end of the day I was levelling skinning and leatherworking and had met a few people along the way to do group quests.

At the end of one of them someone said "Want to do RFC?" I had NO clue what this meant and didn't have time to look it up before they all started to run off and I followed (it should be noted that I didn't know how to type in any other channel apart from /say at this point so I was always trying to stay close enough that they could hear me ROFL). We ran to Orgrimmar, stepped through that swirly portal and I was in awe at this massive red cavernous place (I know!). I followed the others, I knew that the tank went in first but I was probably not even attacking what the tank was attacking (I didn't know what taunt meant. Judging by some early instances I ran neither did some of the tanks lololol etc).

We did the trash and normal sized bosses (I didn't realise they were bosses until I started thinking 'My, we've been beating on this guy for a while') and then we came to Taragaman the Hungerer and I was all "Woaahhhh he's huuuge!" in my head, even though I'd seen Onyxia videos. I stared at his knee for a minute, as is the wont of the melee class, and got a shiny new dagger (having thankfully been briefly explained the concept of stat priorities and Need before Greed by my friend so I wouldn't noobinja my way through instances).

I didn't level my rogue past 32. Once I had a basic understanding of what it really meant to be each class I rolled a healing priest and never looked back.