Friday, 3 June 2011

Recent Raids Revisited

Thought I'd chime in on what it's like to revisit bosses after a short break from raiding. We did Maloriak and Atramedes, everyone was better geared and many of us have downed these two at least three or four times now.

Maloriak went down first time without a hitch. It's not surprising how much more you can notice when you're not tunnel-visioned on green bars suddenly dipping (better-geared tanks) or mana bar creeping towards empty (better geared me). From cosmetic things like getting a chance to watch player and boss animations and effects to being able to mitigate far more effectively because you can physically see something about to happen and start casting before the fact. This makes for a much more pleasant healing and raiding experience and fewer panic heals = more mana. Always nice.

Atramedes, never too much of a mana-problem fight due to the relatively heal-quiet air phase, took a few gos, mainly due to silly mistakes (one of which was mine, I made a poor directional decision to avoid a slinky and of course ended up being the one having to kite flame right across the tank, no-one died though) which made me realise how far the balance of tacs to gear was weighted more heavily on the tacs side, which is no bad thing.

I picked up Jar of Ancient Remedies which I haven't had much of a chance to use yet, would be interested to hear from anyone making use of it.