Thursday, 10 February 2011

Saga's 20 days of WoW challenge: Day 2

Continuing Saga's challenge I present:

Day 02 - Why you decided to start a blog

I've had a Twitter account for Reala for quite a while longer than this blog, but I quickly found myself wanting to make points and expand on my tweets, and not being able to do so meant I'd normally just end up posting links to other people's interesting or funny posts.

I'm not a writer in any respect, professionally I'm in a different creative industry and have no draw to creative writing. However, I enjoyed analytic writing at school and have always had a fascination with language. I took English Language and History in college among the IT and design subjects I knew I wanted a career in, simply because I really enjoyed the type of written discussion those subjects entailed.

I took creative subjects at uni but to be honest my dissertation was probably the module I enjoyed the most (chiefly because my tutors were so archaic in their ways that they near enough failed me every time I took up a stylus to paint instead of a brush). I wrote about the merits of video games as art, and I found zest and vim in writing about a subject that I felt strongly and very passionately about on a personal level (I loved writing about WWII propaganda posters, but it didn't quite light a fire in my belly like comparing Caravaggio to Resident Evil did).

I find it very easy and enjoyable to write about WoW, and am encouraged by the rich blogosphere surrounding it.