Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Patch Rage 4.0.6 PTR

Official EU site entry on this is throwing up a server error so you can read patch notes here instead.

A whole lot of QQing over certain Heroic encounters that seem nerfed. I don't think it's a game-changer to the overall ramped-up difficulty of Heroics, and we'll all be outgearing it WoTLK in a few short months anyway. As long as the importance of CC doesn't get a nerf any time in the near future I'm happy as I've enjoyed the, albeit slight, shift in group dynamics that comes from the communication needed to oragnise CC and the difference it makes in Heroics. I also feel that most DPS are glad of a slightly less-expendable role to fill and hunters who can CC can start repairing their classes' reputation. A bit.

From a Holy priest perspective I think we're all pleased to see the buff to Circle of Healing, an ability that has been far from redundant and always present in my 'rotation' but nevertheless as a shadow of it's former self and almost always followed up by a Prayer of Healing. I don't see these values changing my play style.

Chakra lasting one minute up from 30 sec is a good buff, especially between pulls where my chakra often falls off the second the tank pulls, and wanting to be set up for an on-demand Holy Word: Serenity means I feel like I'm 'wasting' a heal to activate it. Every drop of mana counts these days. When Chakra was first introduced I would have liked more activating spells but in practice I've not missed having more than one or two each. I will be interested to see if my play shifts to accommodate these naturally.

Very, very pleased to not have to squint at my CT BuffMod list to find two stacks of Serendipity any more. I wondered why this buff didn't have a spell alert considering the influence it has in subsequent ability choices. Normally I'm very aware of when it's going to proc since having to fire off two Flash Heals normally means trouble and a Greater Heal or PoH anyway, but there are still odd situations where Serendipity has procced without my noticing and I've then gone off and FH unnecessarily or missed an opportunity for a cheap GH/PoH.

This is already longer than I'm intending to make these posts, but very briefly - very welcome lower mana costs of buffs, it's a pain to have to start a dungeon run with a mana break, I even glyphed Power Word: Fortitude for a bit of respite from it. So good news there.

~ Reala