Friday, 21 January 2011

Dispel Fun

I enjoyed PVD's most recent post despite not agreeing with it. GA suggests that Blizzard should make healing more fun in order to encourage more players to do it, adding that a good way would be more classes with mechanics like Atonement specced disc  priest where you are dealing ranged DPS that results in healing. I started to leave a comment but it good too long so here are my thoughts.

I chose to be a healer to heal and I didn't really appreciate my role being diluted (disc priest since I started playing). I gave the Atonement/Archangel spec a good run, and quite enjoyed learning it, but ultimately felt like less of a healer. Sure I could have specced to avoid Atonement but I didn't really fancy falling back into the shield-bot role that I'd occupied during WotLK. I'm now Holy specced and happy.

As for the difficulty of healing Heroics; I'm also enjoying this even though it's quite time consuming. I run PUGs quite frequently (shock, horror I know) and have been complimented on my healing more since Cataclysm than ever before. Everyone knows that tanking and healing is harder now, and there's a perceptible difference between healing well and healing badly, which wouldn't even register in the comparatively trivial WotLK dungeons since letting your cat walk up and down your keyboard while you clicked random group members would have done the trick.

We'll all be out-gearing HCs in a couple of months anyway, I suggest good healers and good tanks enjoy being noticed while it lasts.