Thursday, 13 January 2011

Divine Eloquence

Zellviren from Kilrogg EU has a 2longOmgDidNotRead post on the official forums that's still generating a lot of response, (only spiralling off-topic in the last few pages) and even a little attention from a Blue.

The big deal? A couple of things, firstly the quality of this 4-post long piece. Judge it for yourself, it's easy to read and stuffed full of exceptionally well put and worthwhile points. If I had my way every player of every class from both factions on every server would be forced to read this, at ridiculously-oversized crossbow-point if necessary.

I'm not going to comment endlessly about the content, there's nothing more I could say of additional value. Suffice it to say I agree with it almost entirely.

Here's what really surprised me though; the response. Something about that post invoked the down-to-earth, mature, articulate and sorely underrepresented player base. There's hardly an 'omg 2 long lol' or 'bleh nuther QQ post' in sight in the first lot of replies. Even most of those who disagree do so with points of their own which indicate internal dialogue between brain and keyboard. I am seriously impressed but a little sad that I was so shocked.

So Zellviren, you have my thanks, here's hoping LFD groups us one day for the most civilised Heroic run ever known.