Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Conclave of Win

I signed up for an alt raid night with my new guild as they still need a few more bodies for a fixed secondary raid group. A few people actually remember me from an old guild I was in briefly, so there are a few more friendly faces around than I thought. Unless, of course, they hate me.

Raid composition: x2 tanks, x3 healers, x5 DPS

Our raid leader is my priest friend I keep mentioning, who, it turns out, is a great raid leader as well. It was the first time in Throne of the Four Winds for many of us and so he took the time to set up coloured flares on the first platform, representing each of the boss platforms. He assigned everyone to a platform and got us to practice the movement we'd need to perform by going from one flare to another and back when percentages of energy were called, which was a great way to get people listening and engaged with the tactics.

I was originally assigned to Nezir's (middle) platform so I had some switching to do, which was no problem as he would call 'get ready to move' with about 5 seconds in hand and 'switch' when we were to run off the platform. However some people weren't moving in time and so I switched with him so he could be in the middle and have a better idea of what was going on. This placed me on Rohash's platform (right) and meant that I didn't move at all, which meant I was tanking this boss a lot of the time.

This is a lot less scary than it sounds! After being left all alone on the platform for the first time I was quaking in my slippers, but he really doesn't hit hard and this fight is resplendent with opportunity for mana regen. I even got up the courage to occasionally run up and whale on him with my new staff (for good measure. And because it's new and I wanted to use it.)

You all know where to find tactics, but here are my Top Priesty-Type Tips for Rohash's platform in the Conclave of Wind encounter:

- LEVITATE! If you have it glyphed then great, if not bring a stack of Light Feathers and hit Levitate when close to the ground towards the end of his Hurricane ability. Don't do it too soon or it'll get cancelled. This negates a good 70% of the fall damage.

- My technique for near-total damage mitigation during this ability was: Power Word: Shield > Renew > Holy Word: Serenity > another PW:S as Hurricane ends > Levitate just before you hit the floor. If you leave The second PW:S nice and late and have the Body & Soul talent, you can even get a couple of increased speed as you hit the ground, which can be handy if there's an awkwardly-timed Wind Blast.

- Learn your way around the platforms, the rushing wind graphic is not easy to see when you're moving and I was knocked so far off the ledge once that I ended up on Al'Akir's platform and had to open my map to get my bearings and know which side to run off. This costs valuable seconds if you're a tank or healer.

All-in-all this is an extremely easy fight for most people, especially on this platform. We had a few wipes due to slow DPS switching but this isn't a fight that's going to give many raids too much trouble.