Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Descendant Council

I'm still looking for a guild, but raided as backup the other day with group one of my current guild. We cleared the usual suspects in BWD to get them set up to face Nefarian, and then Bastion of Twilight to clear the way to Cho'Gall. This was my first time fighting Ascendant Council, in which I learned the more subtle advantages of watching tactic videos beforehand.

Raid composition: x2 tanks, x2 healers (Holy priest, Holy priest), x6 DPS

I was late back from work and the guild leader rang me as I was stuffing half a Kinder bunny into my face, asking if I could come to raid like, right now. This meant that I had no time to watch a TankSpot tactics video before going in, which I've never  done before as I like to be as prepared as possible for a new encounter. Everyone else had killed this boss and he's good at explaining tactics, so I didn't worry too much about it.

Tacs seemed very simple, and they are, but I managed to wipe us almost immediately by not appreciating that, not only will the fire/water/wind/earth elemental graphics buff you, but going near them drags you in. Thus if you're strafing and healing (i.e. slightly tunnel-visioned) then you can get too close to some quaking earth when you're meant to have the tornado buff and get increasingly embarrassed as, one-by-one, your raid goes down and you can feel the nine facepalms from behind screens. Once that was sorted out they went down in good time.

It's an easy fight for healers, so if it's not checked with a green tick in your achievement yet go and do it!