Thursday 17 March 2011

Call to Arms: Certify your blog a RIFT Free Zone

UPDATE: Time to put this thing to bed I think so i can get on with normal posting. Thanks to those who commented constructively and politely this week, trolls can crawl back in to their holes.

UPDATE: Right, I'm getting a bit bored of the same old comments coming up, and because I don't want to censor the internet more than necessary or turn comments off, and EVEN THOUGH I WROTE A WHOLE FOLLOW UP POST CLEARING UP EVERY POSSIBLE MISUNDERSTANDING, people are too wrapped up in their own opinions to actually look at. Which is why this bit is at the top of the original post. Those of who who have commented constructively; I thank you. You give me hope for the internet. I've used small sentences and stripped out as much sarcasm as I can so the matter can come to a close. Also, for those who don't understand irony (or humour for that matter) educate yourselves here.

Anonymous said...
I for one don't get this whole "We hate RIFT, because it's not WoW"-mentality that some people are exhibiting.

I've reiterated that I don't hate Rift more times than I can be bothered to count. Hey internet! I don't hate Rift! Ok? Ok.

Anonymous said...
was that the best argument you could come up with reala? honestly? come on man, i know it's getting harder to defend world of warcraft, i used to be a wow player, even i don't want to see wow posts even in wow forums and blogs.

WoW is a all grown up now and doesn't need anyone, least of all me, to 'defend' it. I keep coming across comments about me 'fighting' for a cause. I'm not fighting or defending anything.

Agozyen said...
I certainly do feel for what you guys are going through, and I am not gloating, but this does have an element of Karma about it.

There are a lot of these 'it's about time WoW got payback for all the WoW talk invading other games over the years' comments.  I started playing in early Wrath, I didn't come from any other MMO, I keep all my interests and hobbies on their own blogs. There are others in the same position as me. I am one person, I don't represent the WoW community and there's nothing karmic about this for me.

Reddicker said...
No offense, but bloggers getting insulted because of Rift-related posts? Terrible, bloggers aren't important enough that this should even matter.

Protip: Prefixing your insult with 'no offense' doesn't justify being offensive. This made me LOL. An MMO *is* it's players, it's *especially* it's players that give a damn and constructively debate it's content and surrounding influences, whether that's on forums, blogs or irl. It gives developers a taste for what's working, what's not, where they need to step up their game and what matters to their players. If you can't appreciate that then your ignorance is worthy of some sort of medal.

Anonymous said...
yea im with you, this dude is a major faggot. he is QQing cuz people are insulting his video game. Hes probly a fat nerd who lives at home or some shit.

Firstly, I don't recommend a syntax-free lifestyle. Apart from everything else that's horribly wrong with this kind of comment, it highlights the severe gender confusion most people, including those who reference this elsewhere, are having. I started off not correcting people because it doesn't matter and no-one should give a shit. But it's a pretty fundamental thing to get wrong so let's clear it up once and for all; I'm a girl.

So this means painfully banal comments can stop now yes? I don't expect much change from the plebs who bravely post anonymously, but I hope this will help those who have commented meaningfully but with misunderstanding.

Original post starts now:

For fun (but also I mean it) I've made a little badge you can put on your blog to certify it a RIFT Free Zone, as seen above. I know there are a few bloggers getting pretty frustrated with the amount of Rift talk on WoW blogs lately, only this morning I read Zinn's well-put thoughts on the matter.

WoW may be the lumbering behemoth of the MMORPG sphere but we bloggers are not, damnit. Many of us are experiencing tough times in WoW, we have lost friends, guildies, entire guilds have crumbed and fallen. I don't begrudge Rift the shelf-space, but when there are more Rift posts on a WoW blog than WoW posts... well... I don't like it.

So what do you say? Want to show some solidarity? Copy and paste the code below wherever you want the badge to appear. It's got a transparent background so should sit well in any blog style.

<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>